Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The last of the zig zag baby quilts

This one might be my favorite.  I love warm colors together but they are not colors I tend to buy or make projects with very often.  
 This one might change my mind on making future projects with warm colors.  I love it.  Now I'm a bit sad I sold it because I kinda want it.  But that doesn't stop me from making another.
 I hand quilted all of my large quilts recently so these little guys get the hand done treatment too.
Turned the backing and it's done and it's beautiful.  I'm sure it will get great use at it's new home with a baby girl.
That is the last baby quilt that I had that needed to be finished.  May it inspire me to make more beautiful modern quilts.
Progress is progress none the less.  I'm making progress in my unfinished projects stash.
And also to taking better pictures.  Slowly but surely.

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