Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The last of the zig zag baby quilts

This one might be my favorite.  I love warm colors together but they are not colors I tend to buy or make projects with very often.  
 This one might change my mind on making future projects with warm colors.  I love it.  Now I'm a bit sad I sold it because I kinda want it.  But that doesn't stop me from making another.
 I hand quilted all of my large quilts recently so these little guys get the hand done treatment too.
Turned the backing and it's done and it's beautiful.  I'm sure it will get great use at it's new home with a baby girl.
That is the last baby quilt that I had that needed to be finished.  May it inspire me to make more beautiful modern quilts.
Progress is progress none the less.  I'm making progress in my unfinished projects stash.
And also to taking better pictures.  Slowly but surely.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The City Museum in St. Louis

If you get a chance to visit St. Louis for any reason take a couple hours out of your day and explore the City Museum.  I've never been to a place quite like it.  And it is practically impossible to describe but I will try my best.
After paying to get in, a steal at $12, I ventured off to the right.  It's like walking into an aquarium where you are the fish without the water.  The sculptures are amazing.  The scale of these figures are incredible.  And the mosaics are out of this world.  And they are everywhere.  It is an artists dream inside.
St. Louis
Once we finished wondering around for a while we found a pathway into another space.  It's really a giant playplace but without plastic everything.  Note to self, bring knee pads next time.  We climbed into the belly of the building itself.  The building was oringinally a shoe factory.  The creators kept the shoots that they moved the shoes from the top floor to the first.  And created a slide for the guests today!  But you have to climb all the way up.  It's a bit of a trek.
St. Louis
It is worth the climb!  Trust me!
Now to the actual museum part.  They feature remains of old buildings that existed in St Louis and all the architectural details, down to the glass doorknobs.  Another room housed bugs, lots of them.  Butterflies, moths, beetles, cicadas, wasps and more.  Another space had a multitdue of items that were found over the years in the riverbanks.  It's amazing to see bottles, placesettings, and more, intact, over 150-200 years old, and found in the muck.
St. Louis
The other big portion of the "museum" is outdoors.  Cleverly there are multiple entries in and out of the building to the outdoor playplace.  Climb around to your heart's content.  And they have a fire with marshmallows to boot.
St. Louis
I cannot recommend this place enough.  Everytime I go to St. Louis from here on, especially with people who have never been before, I will go to the City Museum.  I can only imagine what they will create next.
And next time I will bring kneepads and my good camera.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Disney Things in So Cal outside of Disneyland

There were other thing at the Reagan Library.  The Walt Disney Archives were at the Reagan Library.  I've seen some of the articles from the archives before and some I hadn't.
The archives went in order in of the company and started with his time in Kansas City.  His Laugh-o-Gram Studios was in downtown Kansas City, which I still need to find.  He lost his studio, moved out to California, lost a main character and created Mickey.  
From there the exhibit moved into his animated films.  They had the books that opened at the beginning of each film.  I've seen the Sleeping Beauty cover a couple times already but it never ceases to impress.
Something that I had not seen before were the reference costumes for Snow White and Pinocchio.
Then it was off to the office.  They had a display of Walt's working office.  Wish I could have worked in the Opera house when it was there.  But next to the office was the Mary Poppins nanny costume complete with hat and scarf.  They also had a copy of Mary Poppins owned by Walt signed by P.L Travers.
Then off to Disneyland.  They had Walt's nametag, the first ticket sold, the parking pass, the singing bird (which inspired audio animatronics) and the Disneyland map that sold Disneyland to investors.
Something I had not seen before was the draft for the signs as you enter the parks.  Orginally written - Where you leave today... and visit the world of fantasy, yesterday and tomorrow.  Walt changed it to read as it does today - Here you leave today and visit the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. 
They added a pavillion outside that housed even more treasures.  What's not to love about seeing the original  head of Maleficent's dragon from Disneyland's Fantasmic.

And as it was at the Reagan library they had a Hall of Presidents display.  They had the sculptures of each of the presidents as they are in the show.  
And you have to love a mouse ear hat that says Mr. President.
Another great place that you can visit any time of the year is Walt's Barn in Griffith Park.  I'd heard about it for years but never made my way up as it is only open the third Sunday of every month.  Luckily my visit coincided with that particular Sunday so off we went.
On the inside of the barn they had lots of different railroad displays.  Some were about Walt, others about Ward Kimball, and some about the Disneyland Railroad.   The best parts of their collection, besides the barn itself, are one of the original train cars and the track map.
Another item that has been completely renovated is a original Disneyland train car.  There were two sets of cars on opening day, one still rides around the park, Holiday 2, while the other is no more (besides the Lilly Belle).  The Carolwood Pacific group rehabbed one of the cars.  I talked to one of the volunteers and as a former conductor they let me inside.  I can only imagine how long this would take people to get in and out of!
Why have I not visited here before.  But I guess better late than never.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Other California Adventures

Ah California.  The weather is so nice and there is so much to do.  I never took enough advantage of that when I lived there.  But when I visit I always find something to do.
I went with my Disneyland friend Shawna to Huntington Beach.  I'd never been.  We talked at length about the goings on in each of our lives.  We enjoyed a lunch at the Ruby's at the end of the pier.  The day ended at Downtown Disney where I'm always happy to enjoy a drink a Trader Sam's.
 Going out on Lake Mission Viejo was another first time activity.  With my grandpa, mom, and others from my grandpa retirement community we booked 3 boats and scooted around the lake for about an hour.  The lake is beautiful and calm with the Saddleback mountains as a fantastic backdrop. 
 Another first for me was the Reagan Library in Simi Valley.  Overall it was a good Presidential library.  Not the best one that I've visited but it is up there.
One of the unique things inside is Air Force One.  Inside.  And propped up like it is ready to fly out the window at any moment.  And you can go inside.  It feels like you are stepping right back into history onboard.  Computer, phones and fax machines that could only be found in the 80s.  Very cool none the less.
 Jelly Beans.  What says President Reagan than his portrait made out of Jelly Beans?  I'm not sure there is anything really.
The museum sits on the top of a hillside.  On the top of the hillside is a piece of the Berlin Wall.  It is so short after seeing the Belfast wall.  But important none the less.
 It is a beautiful final resting place for the president and his museum.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The new California Adventure

Now off to everything new.  Why did I leave working at Disneyland again.  I missed out on all the fun this past summer.  Carsland and Buena Vista Street were new since I'd left.  There was quite a bit to see in the few days that I was there.  As I entered the gates all the light posts in the esplanade were covered with new attraction posters for new and old attractions in California Adventure.
Once inside I watched a cute short show around the lagoon called Just Add Water.  Goofy conducts the water like Mickey did in the Sorcerer's Apprentice.  Another new thing for me was the Mad Tea Party.  I'd seen GlowFest and ElecTRONica so this was nothing new to me.  I love Alice in Wonderland but not the Tim Burton version, which is what the Mad Tea Party is based off of.  
And speaking of Tim Burton, there was a display of Frankenweenie in the Animation Building.  Fitting.  They had a couple figures from the film in scenes in cases.  It's always amazing to me to see how small the figures actually are.
Of course the big new thing is Cars Land.  It really does feel like walking into Radiator Springs from the movie.  I just wish that I loved the movie.  Only two weeks earlier I was in Hogsmeade which I love about a thousand times more.  It was hard not to compare.  But it was very cool and a fantastic addition to California Adventure that it desperately needed.
We at Flo's V-8 Cafe.  We had the the Pork Loin in Coca-Cola BBQ sauce.  Defiantly big enough for two people.  But don't order the corn as a side, yuck! 
Once inside Cars Land we hit the attractions inside.  Radiator Springs Racers is a great ride.  Will you win or lose?  Who knows.
I'll be back.  Soon!